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what's inside?

  • learn to start a profitable, impactful internet business and design your ideal future

  • slow time with mindfulness hacks for real-life situations

  • untangle your decision-making with unique clarity-boosting perspectives

  • smash life's challenges by learning to drop the bullshit and focus on what matters

  • stop worrying about the future by releasing intrusive thoughts

  • overcome your overwhelm with science-backed methods for staying calm under pressure

  • boost your life enjoyment with cringe-free gratitude hacks

  • harmonize your relationships by learning to read minds (including your own!)

  • uncover natural happiness by getting out of your own way

  • get your energy back with actionable tips on life maintenance

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previous insights:

17th of February 2024

how i grew my income by 400% (in just 6 months)

the best way to earn money is by helping people. when i realized this i began a transformation from self-imprisoned wage slave to fulfilled entrepreneur. you can too. here's how.

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23rd of March 2024

how to do good work in bad times

no-one's at 100% all the time. a lot of internet content makes it seem like you'll never make your first million if you're not operating at your peak 24/7. but if you align with what you care about most, you can do good work in any condition.

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9th of March 2024

how to earn money helping people (without leaving your home)

i was stuck on this for a year. but once i got through it i became happier than i ever thought possible, married the love of my life and effectively retired myself. here's the shortcut...

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17th of February 2024

the one question you must answer (if you want to thrive)

i was stuck on this for a year. but once i got through it i became happier than i ever thought possible, married the love of my life and effectively retired myself. here's the shortcut...

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3rd of February 2024

how to "freetire" yourself (without leaving your sofa)

solopreneurs made $5 TRILLION in 2023. 0.00002% of that will make you a millionaire. here's how to start your own internet business (with zero experience or capital).

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27th of January 2024

how to turn on your "winner effect"

how often do you feel like a winner? not often enough according to psychologist Dr. Ian Robertson. check out this guided meditation to activate your "winner effect" and get the success you deserve.

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20th of January 2024

why ny resolutions don't work (and what to do instead)

only 1 in 100 people will take their new year’s resolution all the way to december. so why does everyone keep trying? because no-one knows about the better option. but i'm going to tell you about it...

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13th of January 2024

how to stop working too hard (and be MORE productive)

55% of U.S. employees failed to take all their paid time off in 2023. everyone thinks to win you have to go go go. let me teach you your new unique edge: how to stop.

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16th of December 2023

how to finally get some proper rest

if you're like most people your life feels like a concert where the musicians play as many notes as they can, as fast as they can. but good music needs space between the notes. and a good life needs space between activity. so. join me in this guided meditation and learn to rest like you've never rested before.

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9th of December 2023

how to actually stay present

many meditation teachings make it sound as if presence is something you have to DO. but this is impossible. let me teach you how it really works in this guided practice.

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25th of November 2023

how to get the ultimate perspective on yourself

the way you see things determines your entire reality—so of course it's pretty important how you see yourself. enjoy this guided meditation to upgrade your vision.

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18th of November 2023

how to take back control of your life (in 3 weeks)

you were raised in a culture designed to control your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. here's how to break free.

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11th of November 2023

how to make a bad day impossible

there really are no "bad days", only bad moments (and even those don't really exist). run this guided meditation to see what i mean.

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4th of November 2023

how to get, have and be anything you want (without trying)

we were all told to sweat and struggle for our pot of gold. but i ticked off all my ambitions doing the opposite of what society told me. here's my secret...

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28th of october 2023

5 relationship tips from a guy who married a psychologist (twice!)

99% of relationships are built on neediness. that's why they end (or keep sucking for decades). but there's another way...

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21st of october 2023

6 mind viruses that'll keep you poor, sick and miserable (and how to delete them in 12 weeks)

it took me 30 years to delete the mind viruses society installed in me. here's how to do it in just 12 weeks.

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14th of october 2023

how i meditated my way to retirement at 36

old-age retirement is the ultimate scam. here's 11 proven steps to get yourself free in 1 year.

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7th of october 2023

how to earn more money by relaxing

the most harmful belief in work culture is that trying harder is the magic spell for earning more money. good news: there's an easier way...

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3 lessons on happiness from a senior monk

i ended my 20's feeling i had no reasons to smile. but these 3 lessons showed me i didn't need any.

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how to release trauma in meditation

everyone wants to be trauma-free but no-one wants to clean out their emotional baggage. here's how to do it the easy way.

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how to 48X your meditation in 4 weeks

the average meditator aims for 15 mindful minutes per day. so what about the other 945? learn how to make the most of them.

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29TH OF JULY 2023

10 inspiring mindfulness success stories

when mindfulness feels like a chore you need proper motivation, and nothing is better motivation than a good success story... so how about 10?

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22 OF JULY 2023

why you need "spiritual practice"

everything is easier when you have a concrete reason for doing it. to get yours for meditation, you likely need this flip of perspective...

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11TH OF JULY 2023

HERE'S why you should meditate

everything is easier when you have a concrete reason for doing it. to get yours for meditation, you likely need this flip of perspective...

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26TH OF MAY 2023

how to perform at your best (with zero effort)

millions of people squeeze a 20-minute meditation into their morning routine. then they hope it’ll sustain their performance throughout the day. they may as well believe in magic. here's what to do instead.

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11TH OF MARCH 2023

3 steps to realize ultimate wellbeing

Most meditators are in a trap, hoping if they do 20 minutes in the morning they'll magically feel good the rest of the day. Here's why it can never work (and what to do instead)...

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my greatest mindfulness challenge (and how you can save a year by skipping it)

most wisdom teachings claim to be "the one way" to enlightenment. but how can this be true for all of them?

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7 insights to save you 1000 hours of meditation

Want to know a secret? Meditation isn’t necessary. a bold claim, i know. let me explain...

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the #1 cause of stress (and how to dissolve it)

stress is literally a matter of life and death. here's 3 steps to putting off your funeral.

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how to say "no" (the skill of healthy social boundaries)

the main reason you struggle to say "no" is fear of what will happen if you do. but what happens when you do is nothing to be scared of...

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